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Likes and Dislikes of Amsterdam Escorts

What do Amsterdam Escorts Like in Clients

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There are many misconceptions regarding escorts and what their likes and dislikes are. We have compiled a list of the most common likes and dislikes.

What Amsterdam Escorts like

  1. Men who are kind and respectful – these clients are the revered amongst escorts.
  2. Men who do not treat them like an escort – Sounds strange, many men have certain preconceived ideas about who and what escorts are, these notions often lead them into treating the girls in a very demeaning way.
  3. Men who are gentle and sensual – Most men struggle with this concept full-stop, couple this with an escort and things often get rough and ready, which can often not be the best experience for the escort
  4. Men who are clean shaven both upstairs and downstairs – Most men hiring escorts are slightly more mature and don’t realise that the times have changed. Young escorts are used to men being clean shaven downstairs – Yes, you heard right, completed shaven. This has distinct advantages for both you and the escort. For you it makes your penis look bigger and you get more sensation. For her she doesn’t have to deal with your untamed forest which hasn’t had a trimming for the last 5 years.
  5. Men who just want to talk – This may be hard for some to imagine, but many clients only want to have a conversation with the ladies. These clients are liked very much, it gives the escort a welcome break and who doesn’t like a good old fashioned natter on occasion.

Dislikes of Amsterdam Escorts

  1. Men which are disrespectful – a lady is always a lady regardless of her profession
  2. Poor hygiene – Nothing worse than a person who is unkept and not clean – many escorts will refuse such an encounter.
  3. Drunks – For an escort someone being drunk presents both challenges and risks, they therefore strongly dislike drunk men.
  4. Men who smell bad … so many men still have not quite got the hang of the fact that their oder is not the sent of the gods
  5. Men who take drugs – This goes without saying, lets face it, taking drugs present unpredictability and if its with someone you don’t know then this becomes even a bigger problem.


Clients who try to force alcohol or drugs on them – Guys take a moment to think, these are working girls, they have a job to do … how many times to crack open a beer when you are on the job.