Escort Amsterdam

First Encounter with an Amsterdam Escort

What to expect for your first time?

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If you have never booked an escort before then the experience could prove to be rather scary. Unfortunately movies have not helped prepare you for the encounter at all. In many cases movies have only served to create a rather negative and CD image of the industry, which you will very quickly find is completely not how it is.

These are the main steps you’ll go through, from start to finish:


Booking is typically down either through email or via phone. Once you have contacted the agency and told them which escort you’d like to book they will require the following details:

  1. What hotel are you staying in
  2. What is the name you have checkin with and your room number
  3. What date and time you’d like the booking for and how long


Depending on your request and the security of the hotel, most clients will either meet the escort in the hotel lobby or if possible have them come directly to their room.


When the escort arrives, the first order of business is for you to pay the girl. She will not engage in any activities until she has been paid. This is required by the escort agency to avoid any complications.

Once she has been paid she will usually text or call her driver / agency to confirm that the booking is going to take place. Once this is done the booking will effectively begin. If you have requested any special requirements the girl will already know about them. If necessary she will most likely start to discuss them with you. Of course certain requirements do not need any pre-discussions in which case she may not say anything.

Most escort girls do not start engaging immediately. In Amsterdam where it’s legal to be an escort there is no need to rush the experience unless time is limited. Typically good escorts will first start off by having a conversation with you … slowly getting to know you before moving closer to you. This of course is not the case for all escorts, some do get down to business strait away.


Escorts generally follow a standard pattern if you do not say anything which is as follows:

  1. Get the client undressed
  2. Arouse the client first by hand, then by mouth with a condom
  3. Once aroused engage in sexual intercourse.


Amsterdam Escorts are very good a monitoring what sexual position is stimulating you, so if they sense you are not loving what you are doing they will change the position until they find what works for you. They also have a bunch of standard tricks that men are usually not used to get from their partners which they will utilise. You can of course ask them to do a certain thing and so long as its part of the package they will be more than happy to do it.

Sex will be with a condom and that includes oral, some escorts will remove the condom if tempted with money.


When you order an escort by default you are getting a classic service, which is sex with a condom and oral with a condom. Anything over and above that you will need to pay for so long as the escort agrees. Its best to consult with the agency prior to the meeting to ensure you get what you are looking for.


Once you have reached your climax, the Amsterdam escort will usually help you clean yourself up with some wet wipes. While doing this she will usually text to her driver or agency and let them know she is done at which point she will go for a shower. So don’t be surprised if you hear the water running, this is common practice.


When you have climaxed and the escort has showered she will usually ask to leave, regardless of the amount of time left. The only time they don’t go is for longer bookings like 4 plus hours. In which case she is likely strike up a conversation. So if you want to maximise your time with an escort pace yourself.

Some clients will tip the escort after the deed has been done, but most don’t.