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How escorts in Amsterdam can improve your love life

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Many men struggle with understanding what makes a woman tick. Figures suggest most woman do not reach a climax with their partners but instead choose to fake the experience.

Unfortunately for men improving performance in bed is a challenge especially when no one is talking about the problem. This is where an escort can help you become a superior lover.

Amsterdam Escorts have allot of sex, they also know all the mistakes men make in bed. Utilising this knowledge can dramatically improve your capabilities and set you on a new sexual path, one filled with confidence in your abilities to please a woman.

As the old saying goes practice makes perfect and nothing can be truer than with sex. But simply having more sex does not mean you will become better. Good lovers are not born but made and in most cases behind every good male lover was a female.

Spending time with an Amsterdam escort will allow you to explore different aspects of sex without being embarrassed or afraid to experiment. You will also be able to get feedback on your technique and advice on how to improve.

For men who are in an existing relationship you should treat this experience not as adultery but rather as sex education. You should not be thinking of being unfaithful but rather that you are saving your relationship. Sex is an extremely important part of any relationship, neglecting it is to seal the demise of your relationship.

We recommend focusing on the following ket aspects of sex:

  1. Oral stimulation
  2. Sexual intercourse
  3. Fore play (Touching, Massages, etc.)


Once you have mastered these basics you can then move onto the more technical sexual acts which require more skill and knowledge to execute.