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As an escort agency we have a unique perspective when it comes to what is considered a good evening with an escort. Over the years we have seen many creative clients you have elevated the escorting experience with creative ideas. It is this creativity which transforms a standard escort encounter to a memorable occasion.

We have compiled a short list of ideas which hopefully will spark your creative juices.

See the City

Businessman are often prone to visiting cities but never getting to actual see anything. Many times when asking why this is the case we get the same response, they were too busy, work work work. In truth is this is usually not the case, most of the time the biggest stumbling block is that they don't know where to go and don't want to struggle with the navigation of a new city. Take Amsterdam for example, it can be really confusing with all the tiny streets and maze of roads and bridges. How about getting a beautiful escort to show you around for a few hours, remember this is her home. The beauty of such an outing is two fold, you get to see the city have some fun and get to know the escort more, by the time you head back to your hotel room both you and the girl will feel far more relaxed which can only lead to a better sexual experience.

Have Dinner

Everyone needs to eat ... why dine alone. Instead why don't you take an escort out for dinner. The good news is she will be able to suggest many restaurants they you would have no idea about and on the plus side you get to have a meal other than in the hotel.

Go Clubbing

For some reason men over the age of 40 seem to think that their days of having a night out on the town are distant memories. Well we have news for you, this is the 21st century and retirement in most countries is now 65 plus. Age is nothing but a number and life is there for the taking. So that all being said why not take an escort out for the night and sample some of the night life and when you are all done take her back to the hotel and make passionate love.  


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