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Buying an escort a gift

Everybody appreciates the thoughtfulness of a gift
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The life of an escort is not always an easy one. They are continuously confronted with men wanting something from them. Seldom do they receive anything in return.

The secret to enhancing your encounter with an escort is to change her mindset. This can easily be done by separating yourself from the rest. Small gifts are an excellent way to achieve this and they require very little effort on your part.

One should never forget that escorts are still woman and what woman doesn't like to receive a gift. Gentlemen be smart ... you are spending a reasonable amount of money hear, why wouldn't you want to maximise your returns with a small gesture.

We recommend the following small gifts:

  1. Chocolates - Try not to buy a slab of chocolate you might give to a child, this is likely to have the opposite effect. 
  2. Perfume - Doesn't need to be extremely expensive, its the thought that counts and if you have not idea about perfumes ask the shop assistant she'll sort you out in no time.
  3. Flowers - Every woman likes flowers, they cheap but hit the spot every time. You will not be forgotten quickly with this action.

Taking the time to buy a small gift will return more than you've spent, the rewards therefore out weigh the costs.

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